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Credit usage of any icons in your profile and link back. Basic html or php linking is just as good as the fancy lj coding and easier depending on the site you're linking from.

Dreamwidth code to link to this InsaneJournal account is:

Dreamwidth code to link to my Dreamwidth account is:

InsaneJournal code to link to this InsaneJournal account is:

All other sites, please use the following format:

icon by 1half_icons@

followed by:




whichever of the two sites you are more comfortable listing. Example: icon by 1half_icons@dreamwidth

Don't do it.

Icons as Bases
If you want a particular set to become/use as Icon Bases, comment under the set in question and I'll look them over and get back to you.

Only sets tagged with 'Icon Bases' can be used or edited further. Some of the pictures in these sets are part of other sets that are not tagged for Icon Bases. Do not make the mistake of thinking that just because part of one set appears in an Icon Base set, that the whole of the set is usable as such. Remember to credit appropriately.

Private Collection and Requests
Yes, I do take requests. You can pm them to me or leave a note on my requests contact entry.

It is highly likely that you will see icons credited to me that do not appear in any of my entries. They were made by me, but were made on request of someone at somepoint and probably had very little done to them as far as shopping goes. You can use these as you like but I would appreciate a credit back to me. I will likely never put them up in an entry because I would prefer to post ones I've done more extensive work on since the art is otherwise easily found on the web. EDIT: I have started putting up some of these private collection requests that I have albums on imgur for as I'm not doing a lot of extensive shopping on non-request icons anymore due to lack of IRL time. I'm still very willing to do requests for icons of all sorts.

Fullsize Basestock
If I have shopped an image and made icons from it, the fullsize is available for your personal, non-profit, usage to make icons and art with. Remember to credit appropriately. PM me with requests, citing the set name and image number. Set names are the title of the individual posts. Include e-mail, aim, msn or yahoo!messenger account so I can poke you and do a file transfer.

I love having friends, so feel free to friend me. ^^ This account, however, is only going to friend and affiliate with other icon makers.
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